Opening Conference Alsómocsolád, 2016.06.23.

Invitation to the Opening Conference

Presentations of the Opening Conference

Tore Stube, Educational expert
The System and Principles of Elderly Care in Norway

Presentation material:

Tore Stubbe’s presentation
Tore Stubbe’s presentation2
Tore Stubbe’s presentation3

Dr. Zsuzsanna Brettner, PDH university adjunct
Elderly Care in Hungary: Principles, Rules, Practice and Institutions

Presentation material:
Dr. Zsuzsanna Brettner’s presentation

Anita Keller Pitzné, Institute director, Autumn Light Elderly Home
Experience in Elderly Care in Alsómocsolád

Presentation material:
Anita Keller Pitzné’s presentation

Per Halvorsen, Educational leader
Elderly Care and Caretaking on Elderly in the Norwegian countryside

Presentation material:
Per Halvorsen’s presentation
Per Halvorsen’s presentation2

Sturla Bjerkaker, Expert
International Trends in Elderly Care


Presentation material:

Sturla Bjerkaker’s presentation
Sturla Bjerkaker’s presentation2

William Evans, Main advisor
Adult education in Norway, activities, organization and principles of NAAL

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William Evans’ presentation

Evaluation of the Opening Conference

Summary of the Opening Conference