Introduction of the project

One of the strategic objectives of Alsómocsolád local government for their future is to prepare for conscious, active quality ageing within the local community and their vicinity and to create a complex system of services and infrastructure. Via state of the art smart tools, new methodologies and procedures they want to improve the level of elderly care in the region. These innovations would serve local citizens and attract people from the region to the village to experience the benefits of the human capacity and special services and infrastructure in elderly care. To achieve the described general objective, a 50+ generation proposal was designed as a direct objective of the strategy.

This proposal aims to gain experiences, practical and theoretical knowledge for the preparation of the 50+ generation for active ageing. The focus and target group in this project is the generation between 50 and the retirement age. The direct objective will be achieved through workshops, study visit, market research and a synopsis for a project for the next Norway Grant call.

International research results underpin that it is necessary for a conscious preparation for old age as a new stage and opportunity for individuals in their life. It is important to find appropriate activities, new personal contacts, new knowledge and maintain physical and mental health. It is also important to keep up those activities enjoyed prior to retirement as much as possible. When people become retired the first months or half year seems a happy relaxing period but later on without activities the feeling of ’nothing to do’ and „I am useless” increases. By contrast, most people could be really useful to their families and to society as well. By gerontology professor ImreSemsei, demencia and Alzheimer is around 30% among eighty year old people without physical and mental activities. This share goes to 3% if people still active both physically and mentally in elderly age.

The new knowledge and experiences will be implemented in the practices of the new Consultation and Methodology Centre of the Elderly Home in Alsómocsolád which was established within the Norway Grant project ’Pilot Project for Quality Ageing’. The quality of this kind of knowledge for preparing for active old age and the special focus to the 50+ generation is at a rather poor level in Hungary. Our bilateral project 50+ generation would bridge our previous pilot project for quality ageing and the next one which will be submitted in the next call of the Norway Financial Mechanism.