Foundation for Alsómocsolád

The aim of our foundation is to give assistance to the population of Baranya Ridge, especially to the inhabitants of Alsómocsolád in overcoming their disadvantages with cultural, economy developing, community developing, youth helper, equal opportunity, health- and environmentally-conscious, educational and informative programmes in order to produce a unified Hungarian society which ensures equal opportunities.

The objectives of the Foundation:

  • ensuring the development of Alsómocsolád, promoting the fulfilment of the inhabitants’ physical, mental, spiritual, cultural and social needs
  • supporting any initiative, study draft, and thesis that aims at realising the modern convenience of the town
  • striving to overcome unemployment, preferably by creating new jobs in the village
  • supporting any activity that aims at a better maintenance of the settlement
  • promoting the organization of tourism in the countryside
  • providing the opportunity to preserve cultural traditions, explore the past, protect the culture
  • supporting school-leavers and young married couples
  • supporting youth initiatives, youth work and youth protection
  • reducing the social burden of the unemployed and pensioners
  • development of the infrastructure
  • keeping in mind and supporting the environmental aspects
  • supporting adult learning, providing scholarships


The tasks of the Foundation for Alsómocsolád to achieve the aforementioned goals:

  • joining the rural and urban development processes, initiating and managing rural and urban development programmes, particularly in the area of tourism
  • initiating and managing labour market programmes
  • initiating and managing youth programmes
  • promoting environmental awareness, initiating and managing programmes for natural and built environment protection
  • initiating and managing cultural mediation programmes
  • initiating and managing community development programmes
  • initiating and managing equal opportunity programmes
  • the distribution of information on the concerned topics, supporting the PR activities and media appearance of the organization
  • establishing international relations
  • continuing adult learning activities, providing extra-curricular trainings
  • providing services related to adult learning
  • other educational activities.


A regular information and consulting service is operated by our foundation in the Integrated Community and Service Space in Alsómocsolád. The primary target group of our services is the population of Alsómocsolád, our services are easily accessible and open for anyone regardless of age, sex and place of residence.

Our services include collecting and delivering public information – grants, tenders, employment, volunteer work, further education, flat-renting, entertainment – to the target group, application monitoring, assistance to application writing, project management, consulting service (economic, career guidance, career planning, legal etc.), and community organization.

Our secondary target group consists of the non-governmental organizations of Baranya Ridge; as a regional non-governmental resource centre, we provide application-related, legal, economic, operational consultations; furthermore, trainings are regularly organized on topics which may assist their works.

We participate in the regional planning processes, the implementation of the programmes, particularly concerning the areas of cultural mediation, environmental protection, rural and urban development, labour market, education and community development.

During our community development activities we collaborated with local and state organizations. We regularly organize programmes together with the Green Bridge Foundation in Pécs, the Educators’ Hall Association, the endpoints of Tett-Hely Network and the Youth of Baranya County Non-Profit Ltd. on the topics of equal opportunity, education, environment protection and voluntarism.

Regular cultural events are organized by the Foundation, such as book clubs, writer-reader meetings, photograph clubs, toy-houses, competence-developing motivational trainings, “Everyday techniques” for mothers living in disadvantaged families, “Yard Workshop” sessions for men and “Eco-and It is so natural” clubs to promote environmentally conscious behaviour and lifestyle. Our foundation participates in the organizations of Children’s Day, Spa Day, End of the Summer event, Advent Fair and Village Christmas in every year.

We believe that our foundation’s work, filled with belief and built on social participation makes the village of Alsómocsolád, and the Baranya ridge more liveable places.

Foundation for Alsómocsolád contact information:
Address: 7345 Alsómocsolád, Rákóczi út 21.
Phone: 72/451-749