About the project

In 2013, the Local Government of Alsómocsolád, in cooperation of its partners, submitted a project proposal for the implementation of the project entitled ‘Pilot Project for Quality Aging’ to the call entitled ‘Capacity-building of Local Governments for Enhancing Quality of Public Services and for Promoting Local Economic Development’ announced in the framework of the Capacity-building and Institutional Cooperation Programme under the period of Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2009-2014.

The overall objective of the project: raising the standard of caring for the elderly in the small-village areas of the rural territories of Hungary

The primary immediate goal: human capacity-building in the common sector and in caring for the elderly which provides opportunity for a change of attitude and conscious activity, involving older people living in small settlements in the local community life and creating the conditions for an active and happy ageing.

Nine activity groups contribute to attaining this first immediate goal, which groups include 19 trainings, preparation of 5 curriculums, organisation of 3 conferences, a creative workshop, carrying out 3 researches, an intensive English language course, 3 study-trips to Norway; during the trips elderly care, equal opportunities and gender, as well as rural development and small communities - sustainable development will be covered as subjects. Exchange visits of 2-2 caretakers give insight into the everyday life of Hungary and Norway. Methodological lessons are included in the activities organized in the spirit of solidarity between the generations, for the sake of ameliorating the relationship between young and old. In the focus of these activities are the mayors and the decision-makers of small communities, and the workers and leaders involved in the social areas of the reorganized district administration institutions. The managers, caretakers and nurses of nursing homes, social workers, dieticians, psychologists, civil society leaders and activists, Hungarian and Norwegian students also belong to the target group of the project.

The secondary immediate goal: establishing quality services aimed at the elderly care in Alsómocsolád. To this end, 6 three-bedded rooms will be rearranged into double-bedded ones and the hot water supply will be provided by solar energy in the Autumn Light Nursing Home. A room will be furnished for group and individual therapeutic purposes, a gym designed for seniors and a management room which will be the methodological and consultative centre of the Nursing Home. The kitchen will be expanded and equipped for preparing a selection of special dishes, and the restaurant will be also expanded. Strategic documents will be drawn up that will serve to aid the preparation of the local government and the Nursing Home for the Programming Period of 2014-2020.

The project will be implemented together with the Norwegian Association for Adult Learning and the Foundation for Alsómocsolád, as partners, as well as with the University of Pécs, as an associate partner.

As a result of the project, a well-prepared human capacity will be created among the mayors and employees of the small communities as well as the managers and nurses of the nursing homes in the region. This will allow for other settlements - following the example of the model settlement - to promote their own local actions supporting active ageing. The professional workers, due to their new skills, can provide a higher quality of leadership and nursing work.

The trainings and the conferences will result in a new attitude among the local decision-makers, and in a wider extension of the idea of actively preparing for the elderly years in the local communities.

The development of quality services will be a significant result of the project, including more comfortable accommodation for the elderly and the enrichment of nursing activities.

The matter of equal opportunities and gender will be presented through research results in the public sector in Baranya County. Strategic materials will be drawn up to aid the preparation of the local government and the Autumn Light Nursing Home in the following period. For some of the trainings, written course materials will be available.

Every new information and knowledge will be shared on the website of the project, therefore not only those living in Southern Transdanubia can follow the project unfolding, but other small-village area residents of the country as well.

New methods will be developed in elderly care through a creative seminar with the involvement of Norwegian and Hungarian experts and university students.

The project symbolises the solidarity between the generations, as it makes possible the relationship between old and young generations through various methodological programmes.

A significant result of the project will be the Methodological and Consultation Centre, which will be established in the framework of the Autumn Light Nursing Home, supported by local and international partners.